Spedition Kassel


Pharma Customers benefit from GDP certificate

Since Dec. 2018 the Schmitz Cargobull is a GDP certified company.
Our manufacturer for refrigerated trailers passed the GDP audit for their TrailerConnectUnit and the Telematic Service Protal without deviations TÜV SÜD tested the hardware and software and certified both as GDP-compliant at the end of 2018.

We congratulate Schmitz Cargobull on this success

Vistit at the IAA Hannover on 25th of Sept. 2018

Goods and temperature monotoring has highest priority for us. It provides a the basic for a good cooperation with our customers.
We are very satisfied with the products from Schmitz Cargobull that we use and we were happy to present them as a part of a campaign at the IAA 2018.
More information you will find on https://smart.cargobull.com/

08th. of Aug 2018 Eco Vadis awards the Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH with gold in the CSR-Rating


30.07.2018 another step towards environmentally conscious driving

In order to pay more attention to environment-conscious driving, we will replace our fleet with 13 new vehicles with Euroclass 6 untill Feb. 2019.

Today the firtst 3 new vehicles arrived.



19th. Juni 2018 "TRUCK active"

We were lucky to participate in a 5-month study "TRUCK active" by the German Sport University Cologne and Daimler AG. For this we were provided with a TopFit set, which served the driver to integrate regular relaxing phases of movement in the professional life and thus increase their personal movement behavior on the way. We are proud that four of our drivers, from a total of 200 participants from over 40 forwarding companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, took part in the project, so the Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH could contribute a small part to the study. The results of the study were positive and the TopFit set got consistently good grades.

You can find more details under the following link:


20.04.2018 new Solar panel for refrigerated semi trailers

A further step towards environmentally conscious behaviour is done. 
for test purpose we purchased 5 from 17 new refrigerated semi tailers with solar penels. 
they convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. we offer a sustainable solution for energy management, because this reduce the fuel- and emission consumption.



11.04.2018 Confirmation of GDP for temperature-sensitive medication based on GDP

An audit on 11th April , 2018 again proved our suitability for the transport of pharmaceutical products and  compliance with the principles of the GDP. This audit complements the regular self-inspections required by the EU GDP instruction.

16.03.2018 IFS Logistics 2.1 Certificate

on 16th of march, we reached 98.3 % at the IFS Logistics Certification conducted from SGS Fresenius Intitute GmbH. .

09.03.2018 Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH on air

On 09th of march 2018 we had the pleasure to welcome the HR television team.

The topic for this production was women in men´s professions. Helga Mattivi, our female driver, was accompanied by the HR team on her work for a day.

We are very proud of her and looking forward to the broadcasting on Thursday 15th o f March 2018 at 07:30 pm on HR Television.



19th of Feb. 2018 the "Grüne Bote" brings organic Fruits

The Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH support the studie "Truck active" . This campaign is now also supplemented by the regular provision of an organic fruit box for all our employee. This is delivered by the "Grüne Boten".


Awarded with the cercification of honor by IRU (International Road Transport Union)

The Kaiser & Schmoll company ist very proud to handle the silver IRU  certification of honor and badge of honor to five of their employees.
Mister Karl Bach, Bodo Glaser, Jochen Enders, Jens Helbing and Vadim Schander are working for us since jears to our complete satisfaction.

We are very proud of our complete driver team, wich are contribute to our success day by day.

In deep gratitude Mr. André Schmoll and Mrs. Iris Flegel present the drivers with the award.


09.11.2017 The "B" transported from Kassel to Oświęcim/Auschwitz

The Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH transported again the Sculptur "B" on 06th of Nov. 2017 from the documenta14 Kassel to Oświęcim/Auschwitz. The Sculpture will now be placed in front of the entrance of Birkenau camp. In March 2018 the Sculpture will find her place at the museum for modern art in Krakau.
You can find more details under the following link:

08.08.2017 Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH on Facebook


We are active on facebook now, following our page and give us your like.


We look forward to your comment!

28.06.2017 - Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH premieres with silver in CSR ratings


In June 2017 Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH achieved the Silver award in a CSR assessment done by EcoVadis.
The aim of the CSR ratings is to obtain a clear picture of the applied practices and to enable a responsible choice of business partners. The definition of “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) stands for the social responsibility of companies in regards to a sustainable economy. The evaluation is based on 21 criteria, divided under four main themes, the environment; working conditions & human rights; fair business practices and sustainable procurement.

Within the framework of the CSR rating, Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH was assessed according to these criterions and successfully landed a position amongst the top 30 per cent of companies attended. The award confirms the high standards Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH sets on integrating social responsibilities and the CSR initiatives within the company’s .

10. June to 17. September 2017 - documenta14 in Kassel!

Brüssel - Berlin - Kassel
The Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH transported the Sculptur "B" from Berlin to Kassel on 12.06.2017.
The international Auschwitz Komitee will be present the sculpure B, in cooperation with the city, at the documenta14 in Kassel.






Neue Fahrzeuge


To B remembered - The Sculpture from the international Auschwitz Comittee

the five-ton heavy, silver-coloured Sculpture are commemorating on the prisoners in Auschwitz.
the prisoners show they will to resist and to alive, they turn the "B" in the cynical lettering from the SS "Work sets free" above the bearing gate.
Out of anger about the daily fear, daily humiliation, the punches, the hate and the murder, what their had to watch everyday:
A sign of their courage, of their will, to overcame their fear, to alive and later to report what had happend in auschwitz.

You can watch the report from the hessenschau kompakt on this link:

We wish all guest of the documenta 14 in Kassel lots of fun.

09.03.2017 - Succesful IFS Logistic Certification


We are glad to inform you, that our company Kaiser & Schmoll reached a higher level on the food certification by SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH and we are succesful IFS Logistic 2.01 certified with a result of 90,71%.

The IFS Standard has inclueds Standard from the DIN ISO 9001:2008 Quality, therefore we are not extra certified in the DIN ISO 9001:2008.

27.12.2016 - Award with honor diplom of the IRU ( International Road Transport Union )


Neue Fahrzeuge

It is the first time that the company Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH nominated truck drivers for this special award.

Therefore we are very pleased to honor our employees Mr. Andreas Löwen, Mr. Rainer Rodenstock and Mr. Josef Scheffer with the honorary diploma and the silver honing needle for their excelent work for many years.
Geneve is the headquarter of the International Road Transport Union ( IRU ) and it is the world `s transport organisation of passenger and goods transport.
There are 180 members within this assosiation in 70 countries all over the world.
This special honor will be awarded for employees who are professional truck driver for at least 20 years without any personal or material accident. They must have driven at least 1 Million kilometer per truck and they must have been empoyeed in the same company for 5 years and they must not have contravend against administration and customs rules.
This special award was presented by Mrs. Katja Seifert (departement truck fleet an insurance) and Mr. Andrè Schmoll (chief responsible for disposition)

We are proud of our common way we did together in the past and we are looking forward to new common challenges und further new succeses with our customers and empoloyees in the future.

20th of Sept. 2016 - Audit IFS Logistics 2.01

Another part of the route has been completed.

Our third Audit in place International food Standard (IFS) Logistic 2.01 took place on 20th of Sept. 2016.

The final certification by the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH is sheduled for March 2017.

23.06.2016 - Soccer Match B.Braun AG Melsungen


Victory! The soccer team of the transportlogistic - departement P is this year`s winner of the Otto-Braun-Memorial-Cup of 2016. This competition is organized for 41 times and this year again from the medical and pharmaceutical devise companies from Melsungen. Gratulations to the employees of our customer, the BBraun Melsungen AG to this great success!!

14.04.2016 Successful Re-Audit in GDP compliant QM - Managementsystem


Because of our aim to ensure a constant high qualitiy in our services in GDP-compliant logistic we continue to improve our GDP relevant processes since 2013.

In order to meet the demand of our customers and market, we are glad to inform you, that our company Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH was certified once again after the successful RE-AUDIT in April 2016, verfied by EIPL - European Institute for Pharma Logistics GmbH,70825 Korntal-Münchingen.

16.11.2015 New staff in the departmant Service / Accounting

We wellcome our new colleague Mrs. Stephanie Radtke. She support us in the area "service and accounting".


12.09.2015 – 20 years affiliation with our company

Our CEO Klaus-Peter Schmoll express his thanks to 3 jubilees for their great commitment and dedication. He pronounced his colleagues his apprication and handed them over a smal gift. These are the jubilees:

  • Herr Josef Scheffer - from the beginning of the company foundation an 1st April 1995
  • Herr Andreas Löwen - since 12th June 1995
  • Herr Rainer Rodenstock - since 1st September 1995

We are looking forward to further common ways with our employees!


09.09.2015 – The Kaiser & Schmoll company will still continue to expend in the segment of pharma logistic.

Therefore we increase our fleet with 7 new refrigaration trailer from Schmitz Cargobull AG which meet this high standard of Good Distribution Practice ( GDP ) Even today the first 4 qualified trailer of this charge we put into practise. So the fleet of Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH currently constists of about 20 qualified refrigeration trailer, certified for pharmaceutical transport.


Neue Fahrzeuge

01.09.2015 Homepage in new design

The new website from Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH has been created " RESPONSIVE". Therefore it will be displayed optimally on - for exmple desktop, smartphone, tablett etc...

So it was only natural, that we started the creation of our new website with a fotoshooting.

In the following you can see some impressions, because we would like to convince you from our best ( web )site.

Das Team

At this point we want to say many thanks to Top10 Service, of its proffesional competend support and the design and implementation of our new website.

25.08.2015 - IFS Logistics Certification

As we are constantly looking for new solutions of improvement, we want to offer our customers the highest quality of service and we want to be certified as a qualified partner in food trade and food industry according to the International Food Standard ( IFS ).

The International Food Standard ( IFS ) provides a high qualitystandard for transport and logistic companies. With this standard the Germain Retail Association ( HDE ) filled a gap between production and trade. The aim of this certification will be an unified standard with unified assessment to guarrentee the food safety during the whole supply chain..

The first intern IFS - audit in our company will take place on the 20th an 21st of october.

Anniversary of Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH

01. April 2015 - on that date the forwarding company Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH looked back on their 20 - year success story. To mark this anniversary, we would like to thank all business partners and employees who have accompanied us during these years.

We look forward to a mutually successful cooperation in the future!

Photo – Shoot of our vehicles in the "Blue Hour"

Our NEW VEHICLES were the stars of the photo shoot on Saturday 26 July 2014.

At present the number of vehicles with the emission standard EURO 6 is 35 truck tractors.

Bild Fahrzeuge


The third batch of our new EURO 6 VEHICLES was put into service at the end of November 2013.

As a result Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH currently have over 12 vehicles of this emission class. Furthermore, our fleet of vehicles was increased by ten EURO 6 VEHICLES in January 2014.

Euro6 Fahrzeuge

B. Braun grants transport order to new North Hessian transport service provider.

B. Braun Melsungen AG have awarded their transport orders to the new North Hessian transport company Medtrasol GmbH starting on 1 September 2013 for transport from the distribution center in Pfieffewiesen, Melsungen to their eleven hubs in Germany.

The Medtrasol GmbH is a joint venture of three companies in Northern Hesse:

  • Spedition Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH, Kassel
  • Krug Internationale Spedition und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Alheim-Heinebach
  • Spedition Löwe GmbH & Co. KG, ebenfalls Kassel.
For more information about our cooperation partners please refer to our Company page.

Kassel 1100 - a town celebrates his anniversary

On 15th of september 2013 Kassel organized this important anniversary as a festival "from citizen for citizen".

The big theme was: likeable and colored Kassel and our company had the honour to be a part of this celebration. There was a big festive procession from all directions of the town and the meeting point of all groups were in the middle of the town. Our truck drive the members of the mixed chorus of "1861 Bettenhausen under the theme "agil in the exil - Bettenhausen has a lot of faces".
For us it was a very interesting experience to meet people from different nationalities and ages and we really enjoyed this special day.

Here you can find impressions from these festive procession in Kassel: <Images>


End of 2012 the carpool of Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH was extended by 3 new thermo-trailers. With two trailer we have met the needs of our customers Rabe & Freund GmbH, Bad Wildungen with regard to the advertising label already.


Winter in Kassel

Finally winter!! Cheerful greetings from the snowy Kassel.


General information

With many years of experience and profound professional knowledge in the field of food transport we proudly announce a new partnership: As of 01.08.2012 “Rabe & Freund”, based in 34537 Bad Wildungen,

Logo von Rabe

is part of our satisfied customer base. Rabe & Freund produces chees- and dessert specialties under their own brand for European discount-, retail- and wholesale market.