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Pharma Logistics - without a doubt

The transport of pharmaceutical products is the most challenging task in a logistics company.

We are committed to guarantee the safety and traceability of drugs/medicines through our transport services - this is achieved through strict compliance with the laws and guidelines of the revised EU Directive GDP (Goods Distribution Practice).

From our existing thermo trailers (refrigerated vehicles) already 21 Thermo trailers are qualified for the transport of pharmaceutical products - further qualifications will follow in the course of 2015. The qualification complies with the regulations of the drug/medicines and ingredient manufacturers and the EU-Guideline Goods Distribution Practice (GDP) .

Your guarantee :

  • All relevant processes and procedures of the GDP are based on and executed in accordance with our quality standards
  • Transport takes place in accordance with the temperature specifications
  • Continuous and complete documentation of the transport temperature
  • Compliance with the requirements for personal hygiene and vehicle hygiene
  • Special refrigerated vehicles
  • Yearly maintenance and calibration of the temperature recorders
  • regular GDP seminars by external trainers in both the commercial and the industrial sector
  • Certification in the field Goods Distribution Practice, GDP-compliant logistics and transportation services through the company EIPL - European Institute for Pharma Logistics GmbH, 70825 Korntal


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