Spedition Kassel

Our Company Policy

The transport company Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH sees itself as a team partner in the background providing its customers with stable and highly effective logistics to successfully support their expansion strategies to reach their targets..

  1. Increase of customer satisfaction through optimal customer support.
    This is done by providing competent advice and fast, punctual and smooth completion of customer orders. Our knowledge of our customers’ wishes and demands is constantly kept up- to-date through talks with our customers and by questionnaires.
  2. Further increase of flexibility in the execution of transport orders.
  3. Continuous improvement of the quality in every process of the service.
  4. Strengthening of our competitiveness through analysis of the market.
  5. Expand knowledge and awareness on environmental issues at all levels of the company with the target to reduce the environmental damages. We are guided by significant environmental aspects. For our company these aspects are in the field of storage, transport and handling of water-polluting substances.
  6. Compliance with the valid legal regulations is intensively checked.

New cooperation,

on 1.st of Sept. the B. Braun Melsungen Company, award their transport from their distribution center in Melsungen again to the Medtrasol GmbH.

with assignment of transport orders by B. Braun AG to the Medtrasol GmbH, the composition of their partner and the companyname Medtrasol changed as well.

Since first of Sept. 2018 the new partners are
   -   Spedition Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH
   -   UNITAX-Parmalogistic, Berlin
   -   Spedition Löwe GmbH & Co KG, Kassel
   -   Koch International Pharmalogistik, Osnabrück
They all trade under the name MEDTRASOL GMBH 4.0.
The Medtrasol 4.0 core capabilities are temperature controlled and GDP ( Good Distribution Parcitice) certified, transport´s in Germany and Europe.

On 15 locations nationwide, are daily 130 special trucks for the pharamtical industrie in use.

All transports are carried out in temperature controlled and insulated box semi-trailers

The Medtrasol GmbH 4.0 transport all the raw material, wich is needed for the production from the suppliers, in whole Germany.

To avoid empty runs they transport  also customer return and loading equipment back to the Company in Melsungen.

Forwarding company

Kaiser & Schmoll GmbH
Leipziger Str. 341b
34123 Kassel
Tel: +49 - 561 / 95124-0
Fax: +49 - 561 / 95124-20



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